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Written by By the revered Kabbalist and Tzaddik, HaRav Eliahu Leon Levi, shlita   
Thursday, 06 December 2012
(Including excerpts from the article, "Guarding the Laws of Shabbat," from the book, "Mishbetzot Zahav Livusha")


My precious child of Israel, the treasure of my heart, it is my fondest wish to assist you in being loved by the Almighty, to help you attain the true life in this world and in the world to come. May you ever rise higher in the service of the Blessed One, and thus draw down upon yourself abundant blessing. In this way, you will bring endless goodness to all of the worlds and to our nation, the nation of G-d, the House of Israel. By achieving this status, you will merit to be called, "Israel, in whom I shall be lauded."

You should know, dear child, treasure of my heart, that the greatest honor bestowed upon the Blessed One is precisely through the holy Jewish People, even more than through the angels. The angels are referred to as "standing in place," are not tested, and automatically carry out their mission in the proper way, according to G-d's command.  The holy Nation of Israel, however, merit their exalted stature in that they must stand up to difficult and bitter trials each day, often with great tribulations. They endure this hardship, all in the effort to safeguard our holy Torah, to study, to teach, and to observe all of the Torah's holy laws and mitzvoth (commandments), without straying to the right or the left.

Students engaged in Torah debate in a House of Study
Torah study continues all hours of the day in Houses of Study
By maintaining the Torah through sacrifice, we infuse life into the worlds that were brought into being through the Torah. For there would be absolutely no existence for these worlds, both the upper worlds and the lower worlds, even for an instant, without this study of the Torah, and without the performance of its commandments, as it says, "If not for My Brit (covenant) day and night, I would not uphold the ordinances of heaven and earth" (Yirmeyahu, 33:25). 

Please know and understand that the main thing that is expected of the chosen ones of G-d, the holy Nation of Israel, who dedicate themselves to the learning of the Talmud and the intricacies of the Law, and enter into the inner chambers of the secrets of Torah, and who marry at the proper age, and bring children into the world, is that they have the strength to perform holy unions, and that through their spiritual power they will draw exalted souls upon their offspring. In this perfect service, they will be loved by the Almighty, and will ascend ever higher the ladder of holiness, especially in constantly increasing their fear of Heaven. This is what the Blessed One desires from us.

Treasure of my heart, it is my wish that you be very careful in guarding the sanctity of your marital relations with your spouse. As a result, the children that you will have will be outstanding in the service of G-d, for through proper relations, accompanied by pure thoughts, the Blessed One Holy Be He will rest His light on such unions, and grant the offspring great exalted souls. The more preparation that is put into this, the more holy righteous souls will be brought into the world, and through their merit we shall be redeemed.

Please know and understand, my precious and beloved child, you who are trying to rise up in the service of your Creator, when you desire to unite with your spouse, you are called upon to perform the marital act face-to-face, "panim b'panim."  This is with the husband on top facing down at his wife, and the wife lying on her back, facing up at her husband. This is the proper way. However, if the union is performed, G-d forbid, in the opposite manner, whereby the man comes upon his wife from the rear, intending to enter her buttocks, this type of coupling is a serious wrongdoing, invalid in the eyes of G-d. The Holy One Blessed Be He will not shine His light on this type of coupling. And even should the husband repent from this desire to enter the buttocks, and instead desires and intends to enter the front side [into her reproductive organ], yet from the rear, he is still missing the mark.

The reason is that according to the secrets of Torah, the entrance of the buttocks is called "Beit Peor," where all of the most powerful and devastating forces of impurity are located, especially the klipah (husk) of impurity called "Plonit," or "Lillit." Whenever you engage in relations from the rear (even when just passing over the anal crevace and entering the female organ), these unholy forces are present. Without any doubt or question, the head of your holy Yesod (the head of the male organ) will now and again come into contact with the entrance of your wife's buttocks. In doing so, even by only brushing by it, you unwittingly bring about a union between the holy Yesod and the massive impure klipah that we mentioned, G-d forbid. In doing this, you bring sorrow to our Father in Heaven and to the Shechinah, fountain of our strength, who mourns over the loss of the holy souls that are captured by these evil forces.

My brother and friend, please understand that there is no greater suffering and sorrow than this that you can inflict on the Shechinah, the fountain of our strength, when you conduct marital relations in this wanton fashion. Behold, dear brother, you have been warned with a stern and grave warning. Therefore, from this time forth, pay heed not to fall prey to upside down relations like these.

What does this Rabbi want from me?
Be careful not to delude yourselves by the thought: "What does the Rabbi want from me?" Or to think like the fools who say, "By wearing a condom, it is possible and permissible to have relations from the rear into the proper place."

Woe to those who think such sinful thoughts, for in acting in this manner, you endanger yourself further by wasting holy seed, which is an even greater sin, terrible to bear, for whoever does this is called evil in the eyes of Heaven.

I also ask you, who gave you permission to put on this covering, which is called "sheketz" an abominable thing, which resembles the foreskin, and which causes serious damage to a Jew's spiritual intellect (mochin) by placing it over and darkening the holy Yesod? Certainly, this is not fitting the holy Jewish People, who are called the children of G-d, as it says, "You are children to the L-rd, your G-d." Behold, this conduct causes the destruction of holy semen, and we have witnessed what happened to the two holy sons of Yehuda, who acted according to their own ideas in this manner and were killed immediately for their sins (Bereshit, 38:9-10). Therefore, what Jew would endanger himself by acting in this sinful manner?

Since I have been asked this question many times, about the permissibility of this act, even though we have already discussed relations from the rear into the woman's buttocks, we are once again repeating this matter to stress the very great severity of this wrongdoing. Heaven help us, how do people have the audacity to couple in this manner, which is not at all suitable to our holy nation, but rather to the wicked of the other nations? 

Since when is there permission for a holy Jew to engage in these types of actions? Behold, this form of coupling is to literally couple with the impure and cursed klipah called "Plonit," and "Lillit." In doing so, with your own clear knowledge and assent, you bestow her the souls that come from you, when these souls are intended for the Shechinah, known as Malchut (the female organ). More so, how can it be, that these souls, your children (the souls intertwined in a man's semen are his spiritual children), toward whom you should have utmost compassion, instead of protecting them, you gave these children, the joy of your eyes, to the enemy of the Blessed Holy One, you gave them over to your own sworn enemy? You gave them over to the enemy to do with them whatever she wishes, to inflict upon them devastating and irreversible damage. In this evil union (of anal penetration) that you performed with "Plonit," queen of the realm of evil, behold, you sacrificed your cherished children to Molech. Is there a greater sin and transgression than this in the world? On this the Torah warns, "For every man that went after Baal Peor, the L-rd your G-d destroyed from your midst."  For according to the secrets of Torah, the anal opening of a woman is called "Beit Peor."

Therefore, my dear child, consider well, what curse awaits in the Heavenly Court for people who, heedlessly and without shame, conduct such relations - may the L-rd save us. 

Behold, it is due to the immense holiness of the Nation of Israel that the holy Torah distances us from these impure and unkosher relations, thoughts, and sights, and from, Heaven help us, these severe transgressions. How stringently will a man, who is called the pinnacle of Creation, have to give an accounting for having engaged in these practices. For these unions bring about harsh judgments in the upper and lower worlds, in that they deny the Shechinah from receiving the spiritual bounty derived from the proper unions that nurture her, thus causing her great sorrow. This is mirrored in the Book of Proverbs, in the verse (30:23), "And a handmaid that is heir to her mistress" (meaning the illumination from the souls goes to the evil Plonit, and not to the Shechinah). Behold, my friend, how careful one should be regarding these practices that have become like habit, because all of these relations from the rear are vile, forbidden, and invalid in the eyes of the Holy One Blessed Be He. 

Please note, my precious child, another further wrongdoing is when preliminary relations are conducted and the husband and wife are facing each other, but they are flipped around and their faces are separated, in that the husband's face is toward her groin, and her face is toward his groin. There are fools who believe that this is a bona fide form of coupling. They even delude themselves into thinking that this is the finest form of contact, but in actuality, they have lost their heads with their empty, upside-down thoughts and positions, which brings the husband to gaze at his wife's sexual organ, something forbidden by the Torah, polluting his eyes with impurity. Likewise, this causes the wife to look at his organ which embodies the Yesod. 

Regarding the aforementioned act, it is written about Eve, the mother of mankind, "And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes...." (Breishit, 3:6)Afterward the Torah emphasizes that they felt no shame. This teaches that because of these doings, a husband and wife shed their sense of modesty, darken and lose their spiritual sensitivities, and abandon their fear of G-d.

My dear children, from this type of coupling, can these people have children? They have darkened their eyes from perceiving their ways, and what judgment awaits them. The Torah calls people like this, "Children without faith." I ask you, can this type of behavior be considered a marital union? My brother and friend, what is there to say? Our holy Father is ashamed of children like these, ashamed from their wicked, improper doings which they conduct without embarrassment. I am afraid that if they do not turn back from their ways, terrible is the fate that awaits them. 

For in doing what they do, they do not engage in a marital union at all, and holy semen is wasted without end, and the Shechinah suffers the pain of their deeds.  You should know for certainty, that in the course of time, the greatest and most dangerous enemies of Israel, the forces of impurity of the klipot, agents of destruction, await to ambush these people. May mercy be upon them when our Father, our King, withdraws His protection from them, and lets them be visited by all sorts of sufferings. This, in order to return them in repentance, that they take upon themselves to rectify their crooked ways through repairing the damage they caused the Yesod.

The way to achieve this rectification is through the daily recital of "Tikun Yesod Yeshuat Eliahu," along with contrition over the past and the commitment to act differently in the future, starting today, by sanctifying their relations and purifying their thoughts. In doing so, may they be forgiven, and I, for my part as a servant of G-d, will endeavor in their behalf before the Holy One Blessed Be He to win their pardon, Amen, may it be G-d's will.

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