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Written by Michael   
Wednesday, 10 October 2012
Gymnastics in intimacy turns worlds upside down
If a man can control himself and not "spill seed" when engaging in different positions or when engaging in oral sex, why are they forbidden?

We have clarified in several places on this site (example 1, example 2)the serious consequences of spilling seed (semen) in vain, be it through premature ejaculation, masturbation, or literally spilling from the woman's reproductive organ due to change in her position.

In answer to your question: Firstly, most men cannot control themselves during bouts of sexual gymnastics and very often semen is spilled. It is similar to a tightrope and high-wire act. While there may be a circus performer who can balance his way across the wire without falling, most people would plunge to their deaths.

ImageFurthermore, in the heat of sexual passion, a thin clear fluid is often released from the male organ. According to the Kabbalah, this fluid originates in a very high spiritual sphere, and wasting it causes a blemish on the brain.

Regarding abnormal positions, for instance if the wife is on top of the man, they cause a reversal of the spiritual order in G-d's blueprint for the world and bring about harsh judgments.

Regarding oral sex, remember that the reproductive organs are also the channel for urination and menstruation in women. In addition to the prohibition of looking at the sexual organs, oral sex transfers these impurities to the mouth, which is considered the "goblet of the King," associated with the sefirah [illumination] of "Malchut." After polluting your mouth in this fashion, your prayers will certainly not be found pleasing in the Heavenly Court above. 

Given the great passions involved, how can you be sure that a premature ejaculation won't happen to you, or that your semen won't spill out from your wife because she is positioned on her stomach, facing down, or squatting above you, whereby the pull of gravity is sure to cause your semen to spill out. Is a few moments of pleasure worth the painful consequences to you and your family, or worth the vigorous t'shuva [penitence] you will have to do to erase the blemishes you caused and to rectify the myriads of wasted souls doomed to captivity in the realm of impurity? Many macho men like you have tried the same and failed.
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