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Written by Michael   
Thursday, 21 September 2006


I am a yeshiva student who is plagued by sexual fantasies. I know that the Sages advise "dragging your evil inclination to the Beit Midrash (House of Study) whenever it attacks you, but my yetzer (sexual fantasies) follows me there even when I am trying to learn Torah. What can I do?


First of all, you shouldn't succumb to despair. You should know that the higher a person is in his spiritual world, the more he is tested. This is how G-d builds spiritual champions. And a man is never tested by something that he doesn't have the inner potential to overcome. So keep up the battle, cry out for G-d's help, and you will surely win in the war against the yetzer. 

The famous mikvah, ritual bath, above the cemetery where the Arizal would immerse himself. The site is frequented by many to this day
Arizal Mikvah, Tzfat
While Torah learning is a powerful weapon against the evil inclination, sometimes it isn't enough on its own. In a war, an army needs to call upon all of its forces, and this is true in the war against sexual fantasies. Try making immersion in a mikvah (ritual bath) a part of your regular daily routine, or as many times a week as you can. 

Little by little, the darkness haunting you will give way to purification and light. You will feel that you are getting rid of tons of kleipot (negative forces, residue of sin) from your shoulders, by drowning them in the healing waters of the mikvah. Also the daily recital of tikunim (rectifications) like the Tikun HaClalli of Rabbi Nachman, or the Tikun HaYesod Yeshuat Eliahu, will give you added ammunition in your battle. These tikunim not only blast away at the kleipot, they give inner spiritual fortification to continue the battle. 

As more and more of your spiritual power is uncovered, your physical urgings will grow less tenacious. They may not abandon you altogether, but you will have the spiritual power to push them away with your mighty threefold arsenal of mikvah, tikunim, and Torah.

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