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Written by Michael   
Monday, 11 June 2012


I am not religious, so most of the stuff on your website went way over my head. Is there any advice you can give to a non-religious person to help break the habit of masturbation?


Image We doubt that a person can be free of sexual sin without a strong connection to Torah. The sexual flame is so fierce, it can only be directed and doused by the power of Torah.

Nonetheless, it is generally true that a person who is busy doesn't have time to get into trouble. People with lots of free time on their hands fall into all kinds of traps. So try keeping busy, with work, with learning, with sports activity, clubs, volunteer work and the like. If you focus on these projects and succeed in them, you'll have less of a need to seek self-satisfaction in fantasy worlds.

Also keep away from sexually stimulating material and places. What you don't see doesn't fill your mind. And try not to be alone. Get out of the house. Be with a friend.

And try learning Torah. You'll like it.
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