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What Makes Me Watch Pornography? Question:
Time and again, I have tried to stop watching pornography on the Internet, but a day later, and sometimes after just a few hours, I'm back at the keyboard, unable to withstand the urge, as if compelled by some kind of magnet whose strength is far greater than mine. Can you tell me what's at the root of this, and what I can do to stop?

They Scoffed at Noach Too! Question: Don’t you think that over-emphasizing sex is making a mountain out of a mole hill? Answer: They scoffed at Noach too! They ridiculed him. They laughed. No one paid any attention to his warnings. For 120 years, he worked on building the ark, so that people would pass by and ask what he was doing, giving them a chance to repent.   Read more...

About to Fall Off the Cliff Question: I had a great summer in Israel, learning about Judaism at a yeshiva for beginners, but ever since coming back to the US for my last year of college, I’ve been smashed by my yetzer hara (sexual drive) and I’m on the verge of giving in with a non-Jewish girl who’s been making a pass at me for some time, letting me know that she’s available to fulfill all of my fantasies. On the one hand, it’s hard to keep close to the Torah here, and on the other hand, I can’t stand feeling guilty for all of my passions and want to have some fun. And I’ve heard  that the Torah prohibits marrying gentiles, but not necessarily having relations with them (I’d use a condom to avoid pregnancy.) I know that I’m playing with fire but what can I do? I’ve spoken to the campus rabbi about getting married but he says I’m too young.   Read more...

Canít Stop Watching Porn Question: I realize that watching erotic Internet sites leads nowhere and makes me feel spiritually and morally corrupt, but I can’t stop. I have tried everything in order to give up the addiction – mikvahs, cold showers, jogging, learning more Torah, making vows that I would stop, trying the 12 Torah Steps, confessing my problem to a rabbi, but after a few days of going clean, I’m back at the keyboard with a frenzy. I even installed a reliable filter, but I keep punching in the by-pass code. What more can a guy do?     Read more...

Shmirat HaBrit English and Hebrew Pamphlets Free Download
Written by Michael   
Thursday, 10 February 2011

הורדת החוברת

pdf העכבר פיתה אותי 

(הקישור לעיל לא עובד? false לחץ כאן לאתר הורדה אלטרנטיבי)

 בנושא שמירת הברית והתמכרות לגלישה לאתרים לא צנועים


אתר זה עוסק בשמירת הברית, לדוברי אנגלית  

Shmirat HaBrit English Pamphlet

pdf Click Here For Free Download

(Large file 7.77Mb! May take a few minutes)

The 70-page manual on the pitfalls of sexual transgression by Tzvi Fishman offers ways to free yourself from addiction to internet pornography. The reader-friendly download is filled with eye-opening pictures that highlight the depth and dangers of sexual wrongdoing, with the torah insights and advice needed to set you free. 

Having trouble downloading? Try clicking here to Google Docs 

Donate Shmirat HaBrit Pamphlets asks you to donate towards the printing and free distribution of the Hebrew version of the “shmirat habrit” manual to schools, yeshivot, and youth movements throughout Israel. As stated in the “Tanya,” charity is one of the greatest rectifications of sexual transgression. Please make out checks to "Brit Book" and mail to: Brit Book, 19 Shoshana Street, Jerusalem, Israel

May Hashem Bless You From Zion

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What This Site Is About
Written by Tzvi Fishman   
Friday, 05 May 2006



This website is a study of Shmirat HaBrit, based on the Torah, the teachings of our holy Jewish Sages, and the Kabbalah.  Shmirat HaBrit means "guarding the Covenant" by observing the laws of proper sexual behavior. The essays posted emphasize the exalted importance of Shmirat HaBrit to the spiritual and material wellbeing of each and every Jew, to the Nation of Israel, and to the world.  Image


These essays may be copied and distributed in order to spread the wisdom and light of the Torah. They are based on the words of our Torah Sages; and the secrets of the holy Zohar.

Pornoholics Anonymous is designed to help people addicted to pornography on the Internet escape from its clutches and forge a life-healing connection to G-d.

In addition, the section on the Art of T'shuva explains the teachings of Rabbi Kook on t'shuva in a clear and concise manner to help readers start out on a joyous new path in life.  

The Torah learning on this site is dedicated to the rafuah shlemah of Nachama bat Sarah Shaindel, and the aliyat neshama of Elchanan ben Yehuda, z"l.


“The Mouse Made Me Do It!” is a clear, illuminating, and in-depth Torah guide, designed to help people who suffer from an addiction to pornography on the Internet. It is also designed to give people the understanding needed to break free from masturbation and other sexual transgressions, according to the teachings of the Torah and the Kabbalah.

 The famous “Twelve Step Program” in battling addiction is converted to a dynamic Torah approach to overcoming the powerful temptation of the web. The knowledge presented will allow people to regain control of their lives, break free of negative habits, and direct their energies in healthier, more positive paths by forging an active, joy-filled connection to God. 

Letter of Recommendation from Rabbi Shlomo Aviner:"Yasher koach! Words of praise are due to the author and Torah scholar, Tzvi Fishman, for his work, “The Mouse Made Me Do It!” With good taste, and in a clear, illuminating, logical, and comprehensive fashion, the book sets forth the dangers of Internet surfing, and offers pathways to escape its addictions. Without doubt, this book will bring a blessing to every reader, young and old, and to every educator and rabbi."With blessings of the Torah,Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, Rosh Yeshiva, Ateret Cohanim, JerusalemOrder online:   


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